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The process usually takes {{rate.transactionSpeedForecast}} minutes.
Once your payment arrives, we will send the asset to your wallet. You can see the status of the order in the transaction history in O3.

Reference ID: {{}}

You have up to 24 hours to send the funds to the given address. An exchange will be made with the most recent rate as soon as your payment is confirmed, so the amount you will receive might be affected by the market fluctuations.
  • {{fromAmount}} {{fromAsset}}

    Only send the exact amount stated above

  • {{transaction.payinExtraId}}

  • {{transaction.amount}} {{toAsset}}

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  • {{fromAsset}} ▾

    Getting {{fromAsset}}/{{toAsset}} minium amount

    Minimum amount {{rate.minAmount}} {{fromAsset}}

    Select a currency

    Native to O3

    Other currencies

  • Getting {{fromAsset}}/{{toAsset}} rate
    Rate: 1 {{fromAsset}} ≈ {{ratePerOne}} {{toAsset}}
  • {{toAsset}} ▾

    Please note: NEO and Ontology are indivisible so the receiving amount will always be rounded down to a whole number.

    Select a currency
  • {{errorMessage}} 

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